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This procedure is truly life changing! I dealt with vaginal lichen sclerosus for almost 10 years.  It didn't just impact my sex life, it also kept me from activities I love, like swimming in the ocean. The condition worsened over time, despite use of multiple treatment methods. I came to believe it was something I was just going to have to live with. The results after Dr. Peterson's treatment were beyond what I had hoped. My skin is healthier than it has been in years. I no longer experience painful sex and I feel like I have my life back. Finally, something that works! - E.B.


PRP Explained:

PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma) is blood plasma with 3-5 times the concentration of plasma.

Platelets are the the body’s first response to injury.  Platelets contain growth factors that

triggers repair and healing through the influx of repair and stem cells. PRP has been used

in the 1990’s in sports medicine, oral surgery and plastic surgery. There are over 4,000

studies in Pubmed about PRP therapy.


How is PRP prepared?

PRP is prepared by drawing 30 ml of blood from your arm in a similar manner as blood

is drawn for routine lab work.  Then the blood is processed with a special centrifuge to

produce 4 cc of PRP.



Please note that PRP is a therapy based on using your own blood to promote healing.   

There is no risk of transferable infection and low risk for allergy.  However, your nutritional

and hormonal status will affect the outcome.  It is strongly recommended that you optimize

your health as much as possible before proceeding with PRP therapy.


*Free 15 minute consultation with a brief health screening questionnaire required

before scheduling the procedure.

PRP Health Questionnaire

Please contact the office to schedule this free consultation at 503-546-7663

*Insurance cannot be billed for these treatments


Lichen Sclerosus

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Urinary Incontinence

PRP is injection between the anterior vaginal wall and the urethra.  It then strengthens the tissue around the urethra, bladder and anterior vaginal wall.  This can help with stress urinary incontinence.

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Sexual Dysfunction


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