Medical Insurance

As a patient service, I will bill most insurance companies for office services. We are unable to bill any Medicare, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplemental plans as they do not recognize ND as a doctor. I make no guarantees about insurance coverage. To avoid surprises, I recommend that you call your insurance company to confirm where your benefits stand for the date you are seen. Anything not covered by your insurance company is the patient’s responsibility and will be billed directly to the patient. It is the patient’s responsibility to be aware of their coverage, as well as any deductibles and maximums that may apply. I recommend that you call your insurance company prrior to arriving and verify your benefits. Specifically, confirm that you have Naturopathic Coverage and that it covers Heidi Peterson, ND either in or out of network. Please see the Insurance Verification Form on the Forms page for information about how to clarify coverage.


Please note that if you have your blood drawn in-house for labs and choose to have it processed through your insurance company, there may be additional charges and fees determined by the lab company once the claim is processed. Some insurance plans have a deductible for lab coverage.  You are responsible for finding out your benefits.  We do offer a lower cost self-pay lab as an alternative option.