Prescription Refill Policy


The law and good medical practice require that Dr. Peterson see you at least 1 year to prescribe medications for you.   For on-going prescriptions, Dr. Peterson usually will give you enough refills to last you until you need a visit.   Please plan accordingly for your follow-up visits.  Dr. Peterson recommends that you schedule a follow up when you down to 2 refills ( on prescriptions that are filled monthly) or your last refill ( in 90 day presctiptions).  If you wait till you are out of refills, then Dr Peterson has to contact you and make sure you have an appointment scheduled before she can give you a prescription renewel till your visit. This is a labor and time consuming process.   For this reason, Dr. Peterson prefers to renew prescriptions during your office visit.   If you need a refill, out side of a visit, Dr. Peterson will charge a $15 administrative fee.